511 Jelepang Road

511 Jelepang Road


Dark modern

A chic and dark modern design for a 4-ROOM HDB kitchen and living room.

About the project

The renovation marries an open kitchen with a central island, dark modern tones, and wood textures for a hipster edge. A living room features a fluted wall, while the master bedroom evolves into a dark, cozy sanctuary, achieving a harmonious, stylish, and functional living space.

Open concept kitchen with island

The kitchen embraces an open concept design, centered around a sleek island with a sintered stone top. The countertops blend dark and light wood textures, adding warmth and contrast. This strategic design opens up the space, making the kitchen feel more spacious and welcoming, perfectly marrying functionality with modern aesthetics.

Common toilet with dark aesthetics

Our common toilet design adopts a bold, all-black theme with tiles, vanity, hardware, and accessories in deep black. The herringbone tiles were selected for the shower area. This choice not only enhances the toilet's aesthetic appeal but also provides a visually interesting backdrop that elevates the overall design.

Living room fluted feature wall

An elegant fluted feature on the TV wall of the living room, specifically designed to enhance the TV viewing area. This stylish addition not only elevates the room's aesthetic with its rhythmic texture and depth but also creates a sophisticated focal point, inviting warmth and modernity into the space.

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Project scope
Kitchen, Master Bedroom
Project duration
3 months
HDB Resale
We explored several interior design firms before ultimately choosing AX Image, largely due to the exceptional rapport we established with Steven. Steven was incredibly responsive, diligently addressing all of our inquiries. He demonstrated remarkable flexibility with our preferences and design specifications, making us feel completely at ease throughout our collaboration. Making the entire renovation very smooth. We highly recommend AX Image and Steven.
Mr Sathi & Ms Meera
Home Owner

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