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Project Director

Beginning my career in 2009, I started in the construction industry, initially working in sales for a local SME that specialized in manufacturing and selling solid surface materials. My role involved promoting these materials to developers, contractors, and architects for use in their projects. I then transitioned to a sales executive position at an American MNC, focusing on waterproofing products, where I was responsible for introducing and specifying solutions for projects with high waterproofing requirements.

In 2016, I embarked on my journey in interior design, starting as a junior designer and gradually mastering the field. My design philosophy centers on functionality and sustainability, prioritizing the needs and lifestyles of my client during the planning process. I will normally begin by understand the people staying in the house, their needs, and then start planning. While space planning is the first critical aspect of interior design, I will then propose ideas to beautify the needs of the house. I have created a dream space for a single guy who stays in a 1700 sqft Jumbo HDB, and for the same space, I have also built a cozy Jumbo HDB for another client of mine for a family of 5! I love being challenged in recreating the layout of a house to suit the family’s needs and am motivated when I see that my layout is one-of-a-kind!

My goal in each of my project which I will always tell my client right from the beginning is, ‘Renovation is an important journey in life as we are crafting dream space for each family member to live, stay and prosper from there! ‘ thus if we can become friends after the renovation journey, it will be a blessing for me!

I always enjoy when clients invites me over for a coffee or wine and tells me to enjoy my creations!

Our Principles

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Discover how we draw inspiration from various sources, including art, nature, culture, and our clients' unique stories.

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